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8 Jul

Learning to stay calm is so important because many people tend to do dumb things when they are panicking over something. It does not matter what type of situation you are in, you still need to keep calm and relax. Keep in mind that focusing on your breathing is going to help a lot and getting your mind off of the situation will also do a world of good for you. For instance, if you just lost Read the rest of the entry

22 May

Learning how to escape a choke hold is an excellent way to work on your self-defense. The most common type of choke hold is the front standing choke hold, where you and your opponent are standing up, rather than on the ground. Use these techniques to practice breaking out of a choke hold with a partner to play the part of the attacker.

Start with your partner getting you into a pretend front choke hold by Read the rest of the entry

3 Apr

We don’t like to think about what we would do if we were in a dangerous situation, but many people have faced that reality. When thinking about how you would defend against multiple attackers, there are very few things that an average person could do. What he would do all depends on his location, the physical stature of the attackers, the weapons at his disposal, and the weapons at the attackers’ disposal.

Here are a few things you should consider.

Self defense

Even if you Read the rest of the entry

23 Jan

I could throw all kinds of scary FBI statistics about the rate of homes being broken into in this country or how often it occurs a year, but I won’t. If you’ve seen the news or a read a newspaper, then you know how dangerous it can be.

Instead, I’m going to tell you how you can secure and fortify the home before disaster decides to pay you and your family a visit.

One of the most obvious pieces of advice I give to anyone looking to secure their home is to purchase a home security system. I got mine from this website and it worked wonders not just for making the home feel safer but giving me some peace of mind, as well. Don’t take my word for it, though, shop around.

You should also look at purchasing some decent curtains or shades that you can close when night falls. Doing so prevents any prospective burglars from seeing what’s inside. You can’t stop criminals from “casing” your home but you can limit what they see and, by extension, their plans.

Might also be time to replace the old, wooden door with a sturdier slab model. Those take longer to crack and a criminal always needs a quick way inside.

19 Sep

While it is best to avoid dangerous situations, you should always know what to do if you are in one. You should always be aware of your surroundings. If you know where you are and what is around you, it will be easier to get away from danger. Always avoid places where you will be alone. Even the strongest person is vulnerable when he is alone. Groups of people are statistically less likely to be attacked then Read the rest of the entry

16 Sep

No one thinks they will be attacked. However, the chances of you being attacked always exist. Most people panic and do not consider how to adequately defend themselves in the case of an attack. This is the reason many who are attacked are hurt; panic makes them flail and behave erratically. It is the worst thing you can do; focused attacks on certain body parts will make sure you can get away and leave your assailant incapacitated for a time.

The face is one of the most overlooked Read the rest of the entry

14 Sep

In today’s world of uncertainty and potential danger, its extremely important that people learn to recognize and react to sticky situations as they materialize. One of the best ways of doing this is to pay close attention to their surroundings; and even avoid certain areas whenever possible.

Although there are a lot of different types of dangers out there, many of them can be avoided by simply being alert and maintaining a certain mind set. By keeping a close eye on one’s surroundings, a person should be able to spot certain people and situations before they become dangerous. Read the rest of the entry

11 Sep

Self defense is a topic many people are interested in. Concerns over their own safety may lead them to considering enrolling in a personal protection class. Others might be unsure if they should become involved with personal protection because they don’t fit the category of being tough or a fighter. The truth here is you do not need to be tough or athletic to learn basic self defense.

While it is true many martial arts classes are designed to provide an athletic strategy for becoming a fighter, defensive tactics Read the rest of the entry

10 Sep

The world today is filled with many different threats and crimes. It seems as if no one can be safe, regardless of where they are. In order for people to feel safe while out on the streets, there are some precautionary measures that must be taken. These measures may not have been necessary several years ago, but with the crime rate increasing, today they are. A good way to ensure that one will be safe out in the world is for them to enlist in self-defense courses. Read the rest of the entry

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